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Welcom To Bigsoftech

Greetings and welcome to BigSofTech, your one-stop shop for intelligent and technical stuff related to the wide world of technology. As an enthusiastic Mechanical Engineer, I use my blog as a forum to share my knowledge, insights, and discoveries in the ever changing field of technology.

About Me

As a mechanical engineer with a flair for invention, I set out to investigate the complex interactions that exist between digital and mechanical systems. Bigsoftech is more than simply a blog; it’s a manifestation of my passion for technology and my aim to impart insightful knowledge to a group of like-minded individuals.

What to expect:

Bigsoftech offers a carefully selected selection of technical articles that explore a wide range of subjects, from the most recent developments in mechanical engineering to the intriguing nexus between technology and daily living. My objective is to give you access to information that educates, motivates, and ignites thought-provoking discussions among tech professionals.
The Reason Behind Bigsoftech

Technical Proficiency:

I contribute a distinct viewpoint to the technology scene, providing ideas that help close the gap between the real and virtual worlds, having a background in mechanical engineering.
Passion for Innovation: My passion is innovation, and I pursue it relentlessly. You may anticipate reading about market developments, new technology, and the fascinating opportunities they present.


Founder & CEO at Bigsoftech

Hi, I am a Mechanical Engineer. I contribute a variety of experience to the design and optimization of HVAC solutions as a mechanical engineer with a focus on HVAC systems. I have made a significant contribution to the development of sustainable and effective HVAC systems thanks to my solid background in thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and energy efficiency. In order to ensure optimal performance, indoor air quality, and compliance with industry requirements, my job entails a rigorous approach to system design. I have a strong desire to innovate, therefore I'm always looking for new ways to improve HVAC systems' eco-friendliness and efficiency. As a committed professional who enjoys a challenge, I work with cross-functional teams to offer solutions that make spaces pleasant, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient.

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